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LilRedSheDevil ~ Event Planner & Promoter
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This page will give you a perspective of things that I have accomplished throughtout the years, much like a resume.
I have planned many events, from benefits to Nationwide Bike Runs. I have even been interviewed on the local news here in Houston for one of my runs, which was for Child Watch.
How it came about: 
A friend of mine was telling me of his 2 boys being kidnapped, I asked which foundation he was going through, "Child Watch". At every Texaco Gas Station, Child Watch placed a banner of his boys as well as my event. If you go into some Texaco's today, they are still there, the last name is Cousimano. If you see those boys, please do contact me. The event was held in 2001, we raised over $4000 to aid in the search of missing children.
I will say, most of my events, rallies, poker runs, etc. are ALL for children. I do believe that children are our future, WE as a team need to look after them.
I have also been on a flyer, as well as the website for back in March/April 2002, helped me with that. Very fun!! I didn't know anything about it until the middle of April when I was laying in a hospital bed, Mr. BlackHat himself came to see me and brought me a framed copy of the flyer, thank you so much.
I was an editor/account executive for Full Throttle Magazine back in 2001/02. Before I was hospitalized for ruptured appendix. That was a great experience, lots of fun. Peter Kaye is GREAT man, if your out there, do email me.
I also do volunteer work, at this time I am a volunteer for Dawgs On Hawgs you can find out more by going to


I also do bookeeping, accounts, quarterly taxes, etc. for a local bar here in Houston. (Don't want to mention names without permission first.)

Administrative work basically, is what I do on the side, for a minimal fee, again, I ask what they think the project is worth, that is what they usually end up paying. Customer is ALWAYS right, even if we know he/she is wrong. Hehehe, did I say that, yes I do have a sense of humor!


I am the Biker Computer Nerd    

Send me an email if ya need any paperwork done, I do it all, I am a workaholic as well as that nerd mentioned above. I do look forward to hearing from you... be it an event that needs planning & promoting or administrative work.

Remember, I am in Houston, TX but in NO way limited TO Texas.



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