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I WON Another Biker Babe Of The Month Award, 

March 2001 Biker Babe.... Click on above banner

I am back in Texas now.. would also like to mention that I am hosting a benefit

on October 20, 2001 at Cruisers Icehouse, all proceeds go to Red Cross and Salvation Army

We CAN do something, hope to see y'all out there.


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Here you will find events that are going on all around, even your area... providing you tell me about them..
If you have an event that you would like to see here, email it to me!
Events that I have attended, theres many of them!!
Bikers Poems, some pretty good ones, if you have any you'd like to share, please send em'!
Photos of people who have visited my site, don't forget to send in yours!!
I also have an Auction page, if ya have something ya want to get rid of, send me an email, I'll be happy to help ya get rid of it..

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On AOL Instant Messenger, you can find me under, LilRedSheeDevil
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Ok, here goes, I am 32, single, kinda cute, I think!! They call me Lil' Red, or just plain Red!
Have a black lab named Chopper who has my heart.
What do I like to do? Hhhmmm, thats a loaded question, don't ya think?!?!
Harleys first and foremost, camping, fishing, tubin' down the Guadelupe River, woohoo!! I like to do just about anything, I'll try anything once or twice, LMAO!!
Live Life to the Fullest....and I sure do!!


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Events   |   Events I've Attended   |   Biker Poems   |   Links   |   Photos   |   Harley 4 Sale   |   My Awards

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